A Small World: Season Two – Three Weddings And A Funeral (Episode 21)

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Please note that this series contains some sexually explicit content, violence and offensive language.  It is not appropriate for children nor an immature and sensitive audience.


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It was just six weeks until their wedding date in early June, and Damilola and Sola had still not settled on the venue of their wedding.  They couldn’t hold down Dami’s first or second choices for the Reception because they hadn’t been able to come up with the deposit on time.  Sola was yet to come clean to Dami about his financial situation, but she was getting more and more anxious as the wedding drew closer.

“Okay…  If we scrap the IVs, and reduce the guestlist by half, we should be able to afford the Hall near the Church?” Dami said.

She was brainstorming cost-cutting ideas with Sola, her sister, Ayo, her mother and his sister, Tola.  She hated all the compromises she was making to have this wedding happen at all costs.  It was looking less like the wedding of her dreams and more like a financial disaster.  If she was still going to end up broke afterwards, she wanted to have a beautiful memorable day to show for it at least.

“But you will have to bring your own chairs, tables and deco,” Ayo said.  “Why don’t we just have it at home, and get some canopies outside?  It can still look nice…”

“And tacky!” Dami interjected.  Their home was a small three-bedroom house in Anthony Village, with an even smaller compound.  A wedding at their home couldn’t possible cater for 100 guests, and where would they all park anyway?  The streets were narrow and crowded with parked cars already.  Having a wedding at her home was out of the question.  She would even settle for having no reception at all than suffer the stress and embarrassment.

Sola adjusted his shirt, feeling very hot and sweaty.  He was in way over his head.  He still hadn’t gotten the things he needed to get for the traditional wedding.  He also still needed to gather and kit his groomsmen, when he didn’t even think he had the money for his own suit.  Why was he even getting married?

“Okay, have you thought of asking the Church to use their hall, after the service, for the Reception too?  The hall is big enough, and people will already be there…” Tola suggested.

“Well, that’s if we were using my Church.  They didn’t agree to marry us, because I am pregnant, so we have to use Sola’s Church, and they have pews.  We can’t move them to set up dining tables for the Reception…” Dami replied, exasperatedly.

“What about asking your uncle about using his new hotel?  He just got it, but maybe he might be able to help?” Mrs Ogunyemi suggested.

“Mom, you’re a genius!  Why didn’t I think of that?  Okay, I’ll ask him.  Maybe they will be able to assist with catering too…or give us a really, really good discount!” Dami said, beaming.  Her wedding could be saved after all.

“But I still think we should reduce the guestlist…  By half.  And scrap the IVs too,” Sola said, coughing as he cleared his throat.

Dami looked at him, and noticed that he didn’t look well.  “Are you okay, Babe?”

He gave her a small strained smile and nodded.  “Yes.  But we’ll talk later.”  He squeezed her arm affectionately to calm her fears.  “So, what’s next on the agenda?”


Amaka was excited about her first date with David.  It was actually the first date she was going on since her split from Jamie eight months ago.  There was just something about him that she found attractive and easy, and she felt confident that he wanted more from her than her body.  She was definitely ready to give more than that…  In fact, that wasn’t even on the table until marriage now.  She sighed as she thought about it.

Amaka struggled to decide what to wear, as she didn’t want to draw too much attention to her already attention-grabbing body.  She didn’t want anything that screamed “sex”, but that showed that she was a beautiful lady.  When he arrived, she’d decided on an outfit and was just finishing off her make-up, so she'd asked him to wait for her in her living room, while she finished getting ready.  As he did so, he admired her humble abode, picking up a few picture frames to study them closely.

When she came out, dressed in peach jeggings and a long, cream-coloured, tiered, sleeveless blouse, belted at the waist, she looked so lovely.  That was the best word David could think to describe her look.  It was how it made him feel, looking at her in her feminine colours and beautiful physique.

“Wow!” he breathed.  “I am a lucky man.”  Amaka giggled.

“So, where are we off to Mister?”

“It isn’t a surprise, believe me.  We’re going to the place I first laid eyes on you…”

Amaka smiled.  “Okay…  Just as long as it’s not the same movie!”

They laughed out loud, remembering the movie they had watched together.  Their night was off to a great start already.

Amaka and David enjoyed a good first date at the Cinema, with pop-corn and hot dogs to share.  They watched only one movie, and David was a gentleman, much to Amaka’s delight.  Afterwards, they enjoyed ice-cream and waffles at the food court and got to know more about each other.

David was a learned man, who also had conservative ideas about a lot of things, not limited to his Faith.  Amaka appreciated that he knew what he stood for and what he wanted for himself.  She learnt a lot from him, especially about her new Faith.  To her, he was a breath of fresh air.

David didn’t like how so many men kept gawking at Amaka when they walked through the mall.  However, what he did like was that she seemed to have eyes only for him.  She was so attentive when he spoke, and actually showed that she was listening and understood what he had to say.  She didn’t have a lot of opinions nor fixed ideas about anything, unlike Mary.  He was actually enjoying their conversations, and soon learnt to ignore the other men, who he knew envied him.

At the end of a romantic evening, David dropped Amaka at home and left her with the sensation and memory of a soft kiss on her cheek.


Femi arrived early for his date night with his daughter, Tomi.  He took her out every fortnight, to foster a positive and loving relationship between them, since she lived with her mother.  Sometimes, she just went over to his place to hang out with him.  Sometimes, she slept over.

They would often order a movie and pizza or other fast food and watch TV together.  Sometimes, Tomi just wanted to read, and he would let her, and get on with other things.  Tomi was getting used to these hangouts with her father, and enjoyed them so much.  Femi also saw that she was free with him and spoke about things happening in her life, which made him cherish these moments so much more.

She smiled up at him when he entered the house and greeted, “Daddy!”

Femi strolled to where she was lying on the rug doing her assignment.  He squatted to pat her head.  “Hey, Tomi!  How’s it going?”

“Fine.  I’m almost done with my homework,” she said, cheerfully.

She had to complete her assignments before she was allowed to go out with her father.  Victoria knew even if she carried her homework to his apartment, Tomi would never do it.  There were just too many distractions, and Femi was far less disciplined than she was.

“You’re early today,” Victoria greeted from the kitchen.  She was making a lovely meal for dinner with her boyfriend tonight.

Femi went to the kitchen and leaned at the doorway.  He was admiring Victoria in her short dressing gown.  He remembered how she had looked that night he had seen her with her boyfriend and he was instantly irritated.

“Is Dwaine coming around tonight?” he asked, though he knew to expect her response.

Victoria turned to him slightly.  “I don’t think that is any of your business!”

“We can’t be civil?  Jeez!  It’s just a question?  Besides, if you guys are getting serious, it affects my daughter, and so it’s my business.”

Victoria turned to him fully.  “If we are getting serious, I will be sure to let you know.”  She rolled her eyes, as she went to retrieve chicken from the fridge.

“Well, I want you to know I’m happy for you,” Femi lied.  He was annoyed at how Victoria was treating him.  So coldly.  This wasn’t the happy, glowing Victoria he had got a glimpse of that night.  Why couldn’t she give him a genuine smile for once?  She was also so clipped and seemed constantly irritated by his presence.

“Thanks, Femi.”  She switched on the tap to pour water on her bowl of chicken, for a pre-wash.  “Any luck with Tolu?”

“Now who is in whose business?” Femi chuckled.  He liked that she cared, though.

Victoria shrugged.  “I’m only asking because you keep going on and on about her…  But I don’t mind if you say it’s none of my business.”

“Ummm…” he muttered, unhappy with her response.  Very well then.  He turned around and went back to the living room.  “Ready yet?”

Tomi scribbled something quickly and then slammed her book shut.  “Yup!” she grinned.  “Where are we off to tonight?”

“I thought I could take you out for a lovely dinner.  Hurry up!  Go put on a nice dress!”

At that, Tomi ran up the stairs to change for her outing with her father.


“So, what do you think about your Mom’s new boyfriend?”

Femi knew he shouldn’t, but he wasn’t above stooping so low to get what he wanted.  If Victoria wasn’t going to confide in him, he knew he could count on Tomi to help him out.  He had taken her to a very nice and expensive Chinese restaurant, where she could eat as much chicken spring rolls and dumplings as she liked.  They had just finished one round of spring rolls, and requested for another, while they waited for their main course.

Tomi gave her father a guarded look.  Her mother had already warned her about talking about her relationship with her dad.  She really wished he wouldn’t put her in that position of disappointing or lying to her mother.

“He’s okay,” she said, with a small smile.  She sighed and drank her chapman.

“So, you like him?” Femi prodded.

“I don’t really have a choice.  As long as he makes Mom happy…”

“Ummm…” Femi took the bait.  “So, you think your Mom is happy with him?”

“Daddy…?!  I don’t want to talk about this,” Tomi objected.

“Sorry to prod.  I’m only thinking of you…  I mean, how would you feel if your Mom had another baby…with him?”

Tomi swallowed.  She hadn’t thought that far ahead.  She knew they were having sex, but she figured they wouldn’t have a baby until they were ready.  But she had been conceived out of wedlock.  What if her mother got pregnant by accident, and the man didn’t love her enough to marry her?

“I haven’t thought about that…  But, she’s a grown up.  I’m sure she knows what she is doing and can take care of herself,” Tomi reasoned.

“Ummm…  You’re starting to sound too much like your mother,” Femi said, feeling slightly proud of how mature Tomi was becoming.  “I’m not sure how I feel about that…”

Tomi giggled.  “Why do you care anyway, Daddy?  Do you want her back?”

Femi thought Tomi looked hopeful as she asked her question.  He honestly didn’t know what he wanted, but he was not keen on the idea of Victoria with another man.  He figured until he knew for sure, there was nothing wrong with instilling a little hope.  Maybe Tomi could assist him in sabotaging Victoria’s relationship, if she thought her father wanted to get back with her mother.

He gave a small smile, and bit his spring roll.  “Maybe.  But, let’s keep that between us, shall we?”

Tomi smiled.  “Okay, Daddy.”

To be continued…

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