A Small World: Season Two – Three Wedding And A Funeral (Episode 20)

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Please note that this series contains some sexually explicit content, violence and offensive language.  It is not appropriate for children nor an immature and sensitive audience.


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After Temi had told Lola of her suspicions of her husband’s infidelity, Lola started to watch Oyinda more closely for the signs.  She too had observed that he was paying particular attention to a young lady at the party, though he’d tried to hide it.  Lola tried not to jump to any conclusions, and not to make it obvious that she was watching him, but she couldn’t help herself.

She had noticed something in the past, but she had pushed it out of her mind, because she felt such suspicion wasn’t warranted.  She knew how destructive distrust was to a marriage, and she didn’t want to infect her friend’s marriage with it by telling her something she wasn’t sure about.  And she hadn’t paid close attention again.

Oyinda was a genuinely and generally friendly guy.  Everyone liked him.  And he was very attractive, so she could understand why he got a lot of attention from women.  But he also showed a lot of affection and attention towards his wife, such that on-lookers would never doubt his love and devotion to her.

At that time, as she watched Oyinda, Lola couldn’t help thinking it could be happening to her too.  If someone as devoted as Oyinda appeared to be to his wife could be cheating on her, what was hindering Bolu?  He still struggled to have a good work-life balance, and often worked late shifts.  She suddenly felt very vulnerable and very sad for Temi.  She couldn’t imagine how she would feel if she discovered Bolu was carrying on an affair.

She’d looked at Bolu then, and he’d looked into her eyes and given her a genuine smile that melted away her fears.  No, she knew her man.  Bolu had no deceitful bone in his body.  How he managed being a Lawyer, she would never understand, but she knew that cheating was not his style.  He feared God too much for that.  She’d kissed him, feeling very happy to have chosen him as her husband.

Lola had tried calling Temi that night, but she hadn’t picked her calls, and she was yet to return them.  She remembered that today was Temi’s twins’ second birthday, and Lola wondered if she would be doing anything for them.  She decided she would call her friend.  Maybe they could go to the Park together, and use the opportunity to catch up as well.

She picked up her phone and was about to dial Temi’s number, when a call came through.  It was her sister-in-law, Tolu.

“Hey, Tolu.  What’s up?”

“Hi, Lola.  I’m good.  How are you?”

“Doing good, thanks!  And you?”

“Great, Sis.  How about my nephew and brother?”

“They are both fine.  How far with wedding plans?”

“Umm…not good, actually.  That’s what I wanted to talk to you about.”

“Oh, really?  How can I help?”

“My event planner has been disappointing me.  She’s been very hard to get a hold of, and things are way behind our schedule.  I think she’s overbooked, and is not taking our wedding seriously.  I am looking for someone else and I was wondering if you might know someone…  Any chance?”

Lola beamed!  She knew the perfect person.  But Chidinma was not taking orders, because she didn’t want to disappoint anyone, since she would be travelling soon.  Lola thought she might be happy to make an exception.  Besides, it would be their only opportunity to work on a project together before she left for the US in August.  And Lola was excited about planning Danny’s big day.

“Yes, I know someone.  And she comes highly recommended!  If you’re still planning on the same date in July, I know she’s available.”

“Oh, please!  Yes, we are still keen on that date.  Can you organise a meeting so I can meet her?”

“No problem, dear.  I’ll get back to you later today, okay?”

“Great!  Thanks!  Later, then.”

Lola screamed and jumped for joy at this timely opportunity.  She just knew Chidinma would be excited too.  Together, they would pull off the ultimate wedding!

Lola quickly called Chidinma, and she was delighted.  She said she would be free to meet Tolu tomorrow too.  Lola confirmed with Tolu.  She was about to call Bolu to tell him of the good news, when she remembered her friend, who needed her.  She decided she would call Temi first.


Temi was pleased to receive Lola’s call.  She apologised for not returning her calls earlier.  They agreed that they would meet in a Children’s Fun Park in Lekki, after Temi picked her boys from Creche.  It would be their birthday treat, even though they had celebrated with cake and party snacks and gifts at the Creche already.

When they got to the Park, the twins jumped on the bouncy castle, while Temi and Lola strolled to a table to sit down, under a canopy.  Diana was on hand to supervise the boys as they played with the other children there.  Lola brought Tinuke out of her stroller to breastfeed her, while they chatted.

“So, you said you are suspecting Oyinda?”

“Ummm…  Not suspecting.  I know he’s having affairs.”

“How do you know…?”

“I have proof.  He sent me an audio on Valentine’s Day by mistake.  He was telling his girlfriend how he is divorced and I cheated on him!”

Lola gasped.  “No way!  Do you have it?  Let me listen.”

Temi brought out her phone, and opened her WhatsApp.  She played it for Lola to listen.  Lola struggled to hear what was being said.  “I can’t hear anything…”

“It’s too noisy here…  Maybe it’s because it’s outdoor.  But I had to play it back over and over to hear it properly.”

“Are you sure you understood properly?  Maybe it wasn’t even him…  It could have been his friend who was saying that about his wife…”

Temi shook her head.  “I know you won’t believe me.  But I know.  It’s not just the audio.  You should have seen him when he returned home on Valentine’s Day from being with her.  He was so afraid that I had caught him!”

Lola just looked at her friend, not knowing what to say.  What was she going to do now?  Would she confront him or keep his secret and pretend…?  She didn’t want to think of what she would do in that situation.  She just couldn’t bear the thought.

“I’m sorry,” she said, eventually.

Temi wiped her cheeks with her hand.  She shook her head.  “I still don’t know what I am going to do with this.  I am tired of pretending that everything is okay between us.  He makes me sick.  Living like this makes me sick!  I hate my life!” she began to sob, and Lola rubbed her back.

She unlatched her baby from her nipples, and rocked her gently until she slept, before placing her in her stroller.  Afterwards, she hugged her friend and let her cry over her shoulder.  Temi eventually calmed down and cleaned her face with some tissues.

Lola looked at her friend, wondering how to ask the question she knew was important to ask.  “I know you probably don’t want to hear this…but, have you prayed?  Like, really spilled out your guts to God about this?”

Temi nodded frantically.  “I have!  So many times.  That’s all I have been doing.”

Lola smiled slightly, happy to hear that.  “So, what do you think He wants you to do?”

Temi shook her head.  “I honestly don’t know.  This is not a case of a one-time thing…  He is even telling people that I am the one sleeping around…  I mean, that’s psychopathic!”

Lola just swallowed.

Temi sniffed.  “I am just waiting.  I just keep praying and crying to Him, because if I don’t, I’m sure I will go schizo too!”

Lola nodded.  “You’re doing the right thing, Temi.  Just remain strong, and keep trusting in God.  Don’t stop talking to God, because He is listening and He will certainly help you.  I think you should stop focusing on what Oyinda is doing, and just keep your eyes on Jesus.  Focus on your children, look after yourself…and just try to live each day as your best self – for Jesus.  The thief will have his day.  God is just.  You just do you…”

Temi nodded.  “Thank you.  I’m so glad I can talk to you about this.”

“I’m here for you, girl.  Anytime you want to talk…  If you feel yourself breaking down, just call me, okay?”

“Thanks.  I will,” Temi said, with a smile.  She dabbed her eyes again and comported herself.  She was feeling a little lighter.  A cool breeze swept across the Park, and Temi felt refreshed by it.  She breathed out a sigh, feeling like she had just received a heavenly hug.


Samuel had just concluded a prayer meeting with his Christian Fellowship Group, and was heading back to his private accommodation.  He branched off to get some roasted plantains from a seller along the way.  There was a small queue for it, so he decided he would hand out flyers and evangelise.  He had recently begun to take advantage of these sorts of opportunities.

A couple of people took from him, but most people ignored him or told him "no” straight up.  The girl, who had just been served, collected her bole (another name for roasted plantains), and started to leave.  Samuel caught up with her to give her a flyer.

She did a double take when she saw him, and then started to giggle.  “You’re kidding, right?”

Samuel would normally have accepted her response as a "no”, but today, he was feeling bold.  “No, I’m not.  I’d like to invite you to join my Fellowship.”

“Really?  So, you’re a Christian now?”

“Huh?  Have we met?”

She started laughing.  “Oh…  So, you’re now pretending you don’t remember me?  Mtcheew!” she hissed, and began to walk away.

Samuel spun and chased after her.  “Hey…  What’s that about?  I’m sorry, I don’t remember you.”

“It’s okay.  I get it.  You’re the superstar, and all the girls look the same to you!”

“Actually…  I am not.  I actually hardly talk to women.  I can’t even believe I’m talking to you.  Can we start over?”

“Look, I’m not interested in attending your ‘fellowship’…  I’m also not interested in going on a wild ride with you…  I’m not interested in anything you have to offer.”  She continued to pace.

“Jeez!  Okay…  I think I know what the problem is.”  He held her hand to stop her from leaving.

She snatched it away.  “What?!  Just leave me alone!”

“You met my brother…”  She just stared at him blankly.  “My twin brother.  I am Samuel.”

She didn’t accept his extended handshake.  Rather, she folded her hands on her chest and looked him up and down.  “Ummm…  That’s a sweet one.  I bet you play that card a lot.”

Samuel sighed.  Why couldn’t he just let it go?  The girl was so bitter.  What had Samson done to her or said to her?  But she was so pretty.  “I know how it sounds…  But I can prove it to you!”

“Yeah…  I bet I have to follow you to your room, right?” she laughed scornfully.

“No.  I have a photo on my phone.”

“Oh…” she said, and swallowed, a little embarrassed.  “Let’s see it then.”

Samuel brought out his phone, and showed her a recent photo the boys took together.  Then he showed her the Christian group he managed on WhatsApp, and the conversations they had had that day.  “See…  I am a twin.  So, it is very likely, and I would say a fact, that you met my brother, Samson, and not me.  And for that I am sorry!”

The pretty girl laughed and looked at Samuel strangely.  He had the same gorgeous face as his twin, but there was a gentle quality about his face she liked.  Maybe she would be able to tell them apart after all.

She smiled as she extended her hand.  “I am Rose.  Rosemary Odey.”

“Nice to meet you, Rose,” Samuel said, heaving a sigh of relief.  “Now, that I have suffered to get your attention, may I have your number?”

Rose looked about indecisively, wanting to front, then decided, she’d probably done enough of that.  “Sure.”

Samuel punched into his phone quickly as she recited her number for him.  After confirming it by dialling and making a connection, he smiled.  “Thank you, Rose.  I’ll call you later.  Is it okay if I add you to my WhatsApp group?”

Rose squeezed her face.  “Ummm…  I’d rather not, for now.  If you don’t mind?”

Samuel swallowed.  His heart sank because he worried that she may be an unbeliever.  “Are you not Christian?”

“Oh, I am.  I’m just not interested in joining another WhatsApp group.  I am in so many already.  But maybe another time.  I’ll take the flyer, though.”

“Great!  Thanks!  So, I’ll call you…”  Samuel put his left hand to the side of his face with his thumb and little finger extended in the sign of a phone.  Rose nodded happily and walked away.

Samuel felt light and giddy as he queued to get his bole and fish.  Rose was beautiful.  He prayed she was just as beautiful inside as she was on the outside.

To be continued…

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