A Small World: Season Two – Three Weddings And A Funeral (Episode 18)

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Please note that this series contains some sexually explicit content, violence and offensive language.  It is not appropriate for children nor an immature and sensitive audience.


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Oyinda stood sheepishly at the door, a bouquet of flowers in his hands.  She was mad.  He could tell.  Was she going to let him in?

“What do you want?” she asked, brazenly.

“I want to come in.”

“You have some nerve showing up at my door after lying to my face about being in Abuja!  You have some nerve even thinking you stand a chance with me again!  Go home to your wife!”

Oyinda quickly used his boot to prevent the door from slamming in his face.  He grimaced to hide the pain of the impact as the door wedged against his foot.  She kept pushing it to close it shut, hurting him more.

“I’m sorry I lied to you.  I need to talk to you…  Please, Kemi.  Just listen to me.”

“I have nothing to say to you!  Whatever you have to say, the answer is NO!  Get lost!!!”

“I deserve that.  I’m not even going to argue with you.  But I’m going to cause a scene out in front of your doorway, if you don’t let me in.  I only want to explain myself…  I deserve that…”

She flung the door open, after being frustrated with her inability to shut it.  “You deserve nothing!  You are SHIT!  I am the one who deserves an explanation…  And frankly, I don’t give a shit!!!”

Oyinda smiled his charming smile.  He liked them mad.  They always behaved beyond reason when they were mad.  He just had to know how to turn this around, and he would have her where he wants her in no time.

“You’re so gorgeous when you’re mad…”  Kemi just stood in the doorway fuming, her hands crossed on her chest.  “You’re not making it easy for me to walk away…  I’m sorry about today, and I can explain.  All I need is a minute.”

With resignation, Kemi retreated into her living room, leaving the door open.  Oyinda walked in, relieved, and shut the door behind him.  Kemi tried to pull herself together and sat down.  She was only going to listen, and then he would go.  And that would be the end of it.  And she wasn’t going to show him anymore how much he had hurt her.  He knew too much already.


Amaka was happy when she finally entered her room.  It had really been a blessed day.  She felt so relieved now that she had spoken with Zainab and they were going to remain friends and flatmates.  She believed God was doing something, and she was so blessed to be used by Him.  She got on her knees and began to pray.

After her prayer time, she was refreshed and inspired.  She put on one of her favourite Christian compilations, and picked a song that she had come to love, and was so timely to her discussion with Zainab tonight.  It was “More Than Anyone” by Sarah Kelly.  She turned it up loud, as she entered the shower, so she would enjoy the ministration there.

When she exited the bathroom, a new song was playing, and her phone began to ring.  She turned down the music, and answered the call.


“Hi, is this Amaka?”

“Yes…speaking.  Who is this, please?”

“Hi, I’m David.  Doctor Oziegbe?”

Amaka smiled shyly.  “How did you get my number?”

“I found it in the register.  I hope you don’t mind that I called you…?”

“Ummm…  I don’t mind.  How are you?”

David was relieved to hear her say that.  “I’m fine.  Happy to have met you again.”

“Yeah, it was nice to meet you.  Is that your hospital?”

“No, actually.  I normally work at the Ikeja branch.”

“Oh, okay.  So, that was quite a coincidence…”

“Yes, it was.  When can I see you again?”

Amaka smiled widely.  He was very straight to the point, she thought.  “Ummm…  I don’t know.  I’ll be back there tomorrow.”

“I want to take you on a date.  I don’t think the hospital would be appropriate,” David said, with a small smile.

Amaka wanted to say “yes”, but she remembered what she had said to Zainab, about wanting God more.  “Ummm…  I don’t really know anything about you.  Are you Christian?”

“Yes, I’m born again.  Are you?”

“Yes, I am.”

“So, when can I pick you up?  I was thinking we could actually plan to watch a movie together…”

Amaka laughed.  “Yeah, that sounds nice.”  She was free all week but didn’t want to come off too eager, so she said, “I’m free next weekend.”

“Oh, that’s my weekend on duty.  How about Thursday?”


“Great!  And I love your accent!”

Amaka giggled.  “Thanks!”

“So, I’ll call you, tomorrow…  Good night, beautiful woman.”

“Good night, David.”

Amaka fell onto the bed after that call, happy and blushing.  It had been a long wait…  To meet someone who she thought she could have a relationship with.  Thank You, Lord!


The twins woke up when Temi tried changing them into their pyjamas, before tucking them in for the night.  Some nights, when they were so tired, she would skip their baths.  But since they had woken up, she thought they would appreciate a bath before bed.  They really needed one too, as they were dirty from the various games they had played today.

However, they were quite over-active tonight, considering the busy day they had had.  They were making a lot of noise, screaming and crying, and Temi found herself unable to cope with the activity.  She suddenly felt dizzy and overwhelmed emotionally.

In a panic, she called for the nanny to take over, as she felt herself losing control.  She had been shouting back at her kids and even smacked them a few times to keep them silent.  On top of everything she was feeling and going through, she felt like a very bad mother.

Diana came in time to relieve her, and Temi crept away, despite the cries of her children, who preferred to be bathed by their mother.  She went to her room, climbed on her bed and cried.  She felt like she was grieving a deep loss, but she couldn’t really identify what it was.  Her life just wasn’t what she had planned, hoped nor dreamed it would be.  Where had she lost it?

She remembered the first time she had met Oyinda.  She had been awestruck by his beauty.  He had also carried himself with so much confidence that she was sure he was royalty.  It turned out that it was only the diabolical combination of pride, money and charm.  An irresistible combination that she had tried hard to resist, but Oyinda had stopped at nothing to win her heart.

He took her to expensive restaurants, to exotic locations around the world, lavished her with gifts and attention.  He even cooked for her.  But perhaps what sealed the deal was the way he made love to her.  From the first time she had given him her body, she knew she was a goner.  He had so expertly tamed her and brought out her wild side, that she knew she was his forever.

It had crossed her mind that a man so gifted was probably so from experience…and would probably be hard to hold down.  But he had made his home with her, and she had had no cause to doubt him.  He continued to treat her with devotion until the day they exchanged their vows…and right up to the time they discovered she was pregnant.  That was almost three years ago.

In just a few days, her twins would be two years old, and she’d made no provision to mark their special day.  She wondered if Oyinda even remembered or cared.  When she thought of him, her heart shattered anew as she was faced with the realisation that she did not know this man she married.  Yes, she had been deceived, but now she wondered if her deception was not willing.  She had known then that he didn’t have the fear of God, but it was hard to judge when such men were so rare and even considered extinct.

The truth was that she had chosen Oyinda, with both eyes open.  He had played all his cards to capture her heart, and she had decided that it was enough.  She had been the one to reject God’s will and standard by using her carnal senses to taste and see…

Now, how was she going to get out of this mess?  Did she have what it takes to fight for her marriage?  For her husband?  The real fight of faith for his soul, without consideration for her own pain and plight?  Could she be as long-suffering as God in this marriage?

Temi didn’t know anything for sure.  Only that she wished the pain of her heartbreak would end and numbness would take over.  If there was nothing she could do to change him nor her situation, then she would rather not have known the truth.  But she hadn’t known just how much the truth would hurt, when she had sought to find it…


Kemi was very nervous about having this virile man in her space.  Every time he was in her home, it was all she could do not to give him everything.  Everything about him was sexy.  From the grey lines in his full hair to his big feet in his Prada shoes.  He was well groomed and remarkably dressed.  But he was a cheat and a liar, and definitely not to be trusted with her heart…or any part of her body for that matter.

Oyinda dropped the flowers he had bought from a nearby supermarket inside the vase on the dining table.  They were not the most attractive bouquet, but that was all they had available.  He noted the movie that Kemi had been watching, which was now paused on the screen, and sat down on the sofa next to where she was sitting on an arm chair.  Silence filled the room.

“I should have told you I was married.  But that was all I kept from you…”

All?  That was all?  That’s not a minute detail, that’s a bloody big deal!!!”  Kemi swallowed, chastising herself for getting angry again.  Why had she even agreed to let him in?

“I haven’t slept with my wife in six months…” he continued.

“That’s not my problem!” Kemi said, even though she was shocked to hear that.

“And that’s because we’re separated.  We’re not yet divorced, but that’s only because of the kids…  When the time is right, I will divorce her.”  Oyinda looked in her eyes, to see if he had her full attention.  She was listening, though she was acting like she didn’t care.

“Whatever happens or is happening between you and your wife has nothing to do with me…”

“I told you she cheated on me.  Do you know they are still involved?”

Kemi looked at him, concerned now.  Don’t believe him, he’s lying!

“That should tear me apart, but it doesn’t because, I don’t even think I love her anymore.  I’ve been drowning in my marriage for years.  Kemi…  This last month with you has been the best of my life!  I really hate that I am still married, but I want you so bad, it hurts.  I didn’t want to tell you before, because I know you’re a good Christian girl, and you wouldn’t want to be involved with a married man.  I just need you to understand why I kept it from you.”

Oyinda looked at her to see if his words were doing the trick.  He swallowed and made a sad, hurt face.

It doesn’t make any difference.  It doesn’t make any difference, Kemi kept telling herself.  Just let him go.

Oyinda stood up and went to kneel before Kemi.  He took hold of her hand.  “I thought we had something special, Kemi…  I know I come with baggage, but I also come with a lot of love to give.  Will you give me a chance?  Will you give us a chance?”

Oyinda looked up into her eyes, and Kemi looked away.  “It doesn’t make a difference…” she said, with all the will power she could muster.

“I’m sorry you feel that way.  For what it’s worth, I’ll always remember our times together.  Thanks for showing me that I can love again.  Goodbye, Kemi.”

And with that final word, he arose from his position, picked up his phone and shades from the centre table, and made a point of sniffing and wiping his nose with his hand, as he headed for the door.  He unlocked it, hoping she would bite the bait.  He opened it, and she said in a low voice, “Wait!”

A big smile spread across his face.  He shut the door.  He still had it!

To be continued…

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  1. The part were you wrote she had been the one to reject God’s will and standards by using her carnal senses to taste and see really got me.
    You remind me of Karen Kingsbury and Francine Rivers, how their books speak God’s word right back to me, reminding me of His Ways.
    Thank you

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    1. God bless you darling! I really wanted someone to take that lesson home. It is a common mistake we make due to impatience and lack of faith in God. May God help you to stand in the time of your testing and make the right decision.

      Love, Ufuomaee.

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