A Small World: Season Two – Three Weddings And A Funeral (Episode 16)

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Please note that this series contains some sexually explicit content, violence and offensive language.  It is not appropriate for children nor an immature and sensitive audience.


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David sat in his car contemplating whether or not to join the party.  He hadn’t been invited, but he really wanted to go.  He really wanted to see Mary again, and he had bought gifts for her boys too.

Mary hadn’t posted any update on her blog about the party, but he had seen a birthday post this morning on Instagram, and another picture of the decorated garden, where the party would be hosting.  It was only a guess that they would be having the party at the Chukwuekes’ Mansion.  And since he was off duty today, he’d decided it wouldn’t hurt to pay a visit.

As he’d expected, the place was packed and lively.  Adults as well as children trooped into the compound.  A big, colourful bouncy castle could be seen over the wall that surrounded the Mansion.  He could also hear children screaming over the sound of loud party music.

With a sigh, he switched off the engine and opened the car door.  As he stepped out, his phone began to ring.  He walked around the car to the passenger side, where his big package was sitting on the seat, and pulled out his phone from his back pocket.  It was the hospital.  Why would they be bothering him now?

“Hello?” he answered the call.

“Doctor Oziegbe…  I’m sorry to disturb you on your day off, but Mrs Andrews has gone into labour!  She said she wants her Consultant!” the Receptionist said.

David sighed.  He had promised Mrs Andrews that he would be on hand whenever she went into labour.  “Okay, I’m coming.”

“Thank you, Sir.  She’s at the Ikoyi branch.”

“Oh, okay.  I’ll be there soon.”

Oh, well…  He would have to see Mary another time.  David decided to drop his gift and card with the Security Guards, before returning to his car and heading to the hospital.


Jamie was making a routine visit to the hospital to see Adania.  He tried to visit every day, but once in a while he would skip a day.  He was monitoring her situation, and hopeful to be the first person she saw when she woke from her coma.  He kept praying that she would, though there had been no improvement to her situation in two months.

He had seen Amaka a few times, over the last couple of months.  He had been hoping for a chance to speak with her, but she seemed to be avoiding him, and he always lost the nerve whenever he had the opportunity.  He didn’t know what he would say.  “I’m sorry” just didn’t seem good enough for everything he had done to her and her sister.

Adania was alone when he arrived at her room.  The curtains had been drawn, so that the room was filled with light.  The nurses were doing a good job following his orders.  There were also fresh cut flowers in a vase by her bedside.  The flowers were delivered by contract every week by a flower shop he had registered with.

Jamie pulled a seat close to Adania’s bed, sat down and took her hand in his.  He couldn’t understand the emotions that were overwhelming him.  When he thought about what had led to this, he couldn’t believe that he had been so callous to someone he loved.  But he had finally been able to admit to himself that he loved Adania.  More than he had realised.

“Adania, wake up.  Come back to me,” he said, huskily.  That was the way he started every day he spoke to her.  “I’m so sorry for what I did to you.  I’m sorry I hurt you…  Please don’t leave me.  I need you.  Tommy needs you.  I wish you could see him…  He looks so much like you.  He has your smile.  Every time he smiles at me, my heart breaks for how I stole your smile.  I wish I could make you smile like that again.”  He was on a roll today.  A tear rolled down his cheek and he wiped it away with his finger.

“I was going through our pictures from our trip to Universal Studios.  We were so happy…  I remember you were so sassy back then…”  He gave a small chuckle.  “I really hope you can hear me.  I hope you won’t stop fighting.  You’ve always been a fighter.  I guess that’s why I thought you could take anything I could dish out…  Forgive me.”  Jamie swallowed.  His throat was getting choked up.

He fell silent and stroked her hand.  He raised it to his lips and kissed it.  He bent his head down for a while, and prayed.  God help us.  Jesus save Adania.  Please forgive me!  Those were his constant and silent cries.

He heard a gentle rap at the door, which had been ajar.  He turned his head to it.  The person opened the door fully.  Jamie took in a deep breath, and then swallowed hard.  How much had she heard?


“Hi,” Amaka said, and breathed out a sigh.

“Hi,” Jamie replied.  He placed Adania’s hand on her stomach gently, before standing up to face Amaka.

“You don’t have to leave…  I can come back later,” she swallowed.

“Amaka, I’m sorry…” Jamie blurted out, unable to keep the words in his throat any longer.  “I’m sooo sorry.”

Amaka swallowed hard.  She knew he was sorry.  She had heard him speaking to her sister, and this wasn’t the first time she had listened in.  The first time, she had cried, and wasn’t able to stay.

Since coming to Christ, she had already forgiven him, but he hadn’t changed, and she hadn’t been able to trust him.  So, she had kept her distance.  But this Jamie, this one standing before her was not the man she knew.  She really hoped his change was permanent.

“I’ve already forgiven you, Jamie.  I think it’s time you forgive yourself.”

At those words, he welled up visibly with tears and shook.  Amaka immediately embraced him.  Jamie cried in her arms, and silent tears rolled down Amaka’s cheeks.  Amaka burst into tears at his next words: “Please, tell me about Jesus.”


The Chukweke Twins’ Party continued well into the evening.  It had been a huge success!  Well, it wasn’t hard to throw a successful three-year-old birthday party, but this was Mary’s first big party, which she had planned, even though she had been away for two weeks.  She had seen to every detail of the party, wanting it to be memorable and fun for the boys.

Chidinma had been wonderful as usual.  She wouldn’t have been able to pull it off without her able assistance.  She knew all the vendors personally, and had met with them to share Mary’s ideas for the party.  And she had been quite the hostess to all the guests who attended.

Mary was sad that Chidinma would soon be leaving to go and live in America with her husband.  Mary could tell that she had missed Emmanuel.  In fact, she figured that was part of the reason she immersed herself in the party planning.  She watched her now, supervising the vendors, as they packed up to leave.

Mary was exhausted.  Her feet hurt from all the work she had been doing since morning.  She’d barely sat down for five minutes.  She’d wanted to meet and thank everyone personally for coming.  Everyone she had invited had come, and even some people she didn’t know.  There were also lots of presents for the twins.  They would have a field day opening them all tomorrow.  Mary had packed gift bags for all the children to take home, while the adults had been given small chops to take away.

Ifeanyi kneaded Mary’s shoulders, eliciting a groan from her lips.  She let out a deep sigh.  “Well done, Babe!  It was a great day!  I hope you had fun too.”

“I did!  I really did,” Mary beamed at him, not looking at all as tired as she felt.  “Did you?”

“You know I did.  It was nice to have the adult’s section.  Good thinking.  I enjoyed having Chuka and the guys around.”

“Yeah…  Well, if I remember correctly, that was your contribution to the party.  It was your idea…”

“Well, you took it an extra mile.  You did good, Babe.  I’m proud of you…”  He kissed her lips softly, and she leaned on his chest, feeling relaxed.

“Thank you.”

Mary looked around at the garden.  All the vendors had packed up now, and the cleaners were at work.  The kids were inside having their baths, and the neighbourhood was quiet.  No sound of generators tonight, as PHCN was operational.  The pleasant sound of crickets could be heard, as the sky darkened and the stars became visible.

Chidinma approached them.  “Okay, I’m off.  I’m exhausted!”

“Thank you, Sis!  You were awesome as always!” Mary said, embracing her warmly.

“It was my pleasure!  And thanks for taking Jonathan off my hands tonight!  I will be needing that good night’s rest after this!” Chidinma chuckled.

Mary beamed.  “It’s our pleasure!!!”

Chidinma hugged her brother.  Mary and Ifeanyi watched her enter her car and drive away, before they strolled slowly into the Mansion.  They would be spending the night in Ifeanyi’s old room tonight, and returning home after Church in the morning.  It was a convenient arrangement, and Mary was excited about sleeping in Ifeanyi’s old bed!


David walked out of the delivery room later that evening, smiling from ear to ear after another successful natural birth.  Mrs Andrews had been delivered of a bouncy baby girl!  He was always elated after a birth session.  This was one of the best parts of his job.

He was on his way out of the hospital, when he saw a beautiful woman by the reception desk.  Something about her seemed familiar.  She glanced in his direction as he entered the waiting area.  He instantly recognised her and remembered where they had met.  She was the sexy lady from the Cinema on Valentine’s Day.  He grinned, even though she had looked away.  Apparently, she hadn’t recognised him.

“Hey!  It’s Amaka, right?” he approached her, as she was leaving with one of the nurses.

She gave him a second glance.  He looked familiar, but she couldn’t place him.  But he was a doctor, so she smiled politely.  “I’m sorry, have we met?”

“Am I really that forgettable?” he gave a small chuckle, which seemed to jolt her memory.

“Oh, Doctor Oziegbe!” she smiled, recollecting the memorable day at the Cinema.

He beamed.  It was good to be remembered.  And her brilliant smile at him made him feel good about their encounter.  She obviously remembered him fondly.  He wanted to receive her in a hug, but thought she might find that overly familiar, so he stretched out his hand to shake hers instead.  She took it, and they shared a firm handshake.

“How’s the wife and kids?”

David laughed out loud, remembering the joke he had played on her.  She had a good sense of humour, he thought.  “They’re fine.  So, what brings you to the hospital today?”

“My sister.  She’s a patient here.  And I’m also volunteering…”

“Oh, what’s wrong with your sister?”

“She had a fall, and is in a coma.”

“Oh, I’m so sorry.  She will be well in Jesus’ name,” David said, with a small smile.

“Thank you,” she returned his smile.

“You said you’re volunteering?  Here?”

“Yes…  I’m reading to a few patients.  I’m actually on my way to see one now…”

“Oh, okay.  That’s good of you.  Great!  You’re like an angel!”

Amaka beamed.

“Well, I don’t want to keep you.  It was lovely to meet you again, Amaka.  I hope I’ll see you more often…” David said, and swallowed.

“Yeah…  That would be nice,” Amaka replied, smiling genuinely.  She waited a few seconds to see if he would ask for her number, and when he missed his window, she smiled, waved and said “Goodbye…”

David hadn’t known how to ask for her number.  He raised his hand and said “Goodbye…” too, watching after the beautiful woman with longing.

After she had turned the corner, he asked the Receptionist for the login book.  While he signed out, he scanned the page for Amaka’s name.  All staff and volunteers had to sign in.  He was pleased to see that she had written her phone number too.  He memorised it before returning the book.  He whistled happily as he walked away, a new spring in his step.

To be continued…

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