A Small World: Season Two – Three Weddings And A Funeral (Episode 14)

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Please note that this series contains some sexually explicit content, violence and offensive language.  It is not appropriate for children nor an immature and sensitive audience.


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Kemi was dressed waiting, and reading a book in her small bungalow apartment in Victoria Island.  She shared the place with two other girlfriends.  One of them, Trisha, had left for a Church mid-week service, while the other, Pamela, was engaged in an assignment for work.  It was a comfortable set-up, and they got on well, though they didn’t all share the same religious beliefs.

Kemi looked at her watch, wondering what was keeping Nomnso.  If he didn’t get there within the next five minutes, they would be late for the show.  She completed the chapter she was reading and closed the book, marking where she had stopped.  She brought out her phone to call Nomnso, but decided it would be better not to distract nor rush him.  She decided to browse the Internet and check her updates on social media, instead.

One of her friends had sent her a WhatsApp message with a picture of a bad car accident, and a warning of the dangers of speeding and using mobile phones while driving.  Kemi sighed, thinking that she had just almost made that mistake.  She said a quick prayer for God to watch over Nomnso and bring him safely to her home.  Just as she concluded, her phone rang.  It was Nomnso.

“Hey, babe…  You here?”

“Yes, I’m outside.  Sorry, I’m late.”

Kemi breathed a sigh of relief.  She picked up her handbag, took a final look in the mirror, and went out to meet her boyfriend.  The butterflies had begun to flutter in her stomach, at the thought of being with Nomnso again.  It was like they still didn’t believe that a simple girl like her had landed such a stud.  Every day, she was falling more and more in love with him.  She kept holding back, thinking she would soon discover something that would make her wake up to reality, but so far, everything she had discovered since their romance blossomed in Camp only made her respect and adore him more.

Kemi and Nomnso had a great time together at the Federal Palace Hotel, where the comedy show was held.  They were seated with the VIPs and enjoyed a good view of the stage.  One of the comedians even used Nomnso as the butt of one of his jokes.  Nomnso had taken it in good stride, and Kemi had tried not to laugh too hard.

It was now 10:30pm, the show was over, and neither of them were ready to go home nor call it a night.  They decided to take a stroll around the grounds.  As they walked, they held hands and chatted happily, delighting in each other’s presence.

When they found a private wooded area, Nomnso took Kemi in his arms and kissed her underneath the stars.  Since their first kiss, the day they had returned from NYSC Camp, and Nomnso had dropped her at home, she had been unable to keep him from savouring her lips.  She quite enjoyed their kisses, and longed for them as much as he did.  But that was all the pleasure they would allow themselves, for now.


Daniel sat nervously outside the Principal’s office.  He had been called out by his Class Teacher, and didn’t really know what the issue was.  However, he had also seen that two of the boys who had been bullying him were also called out, and were actually invited in to see the Principal before him.  He hoped that it was only a coincidence, because he didn’t want nor need any more trouble from them.

Eventually, the door to the Principal’s office opened, and the boys walked out.  One of them glared at him, while the other just looked on as if he hadn’t noticed him or anyone sitting there.

“Daniel!” the Principal, Mrs Oshimolowo, called to him.

He entered her office and took one of the seats in front of her, when she indicated for him to sit down.  Moments later, his Teacher, Miss Patience, walked in.

“Daniel, do you know why you’re here?” Mrs Oshimolowo asked.

He shook his head.  “No, Ma.”

“Your Teacher showed me some assignments you submitted last term.”  Mrs Oshimolowo brought out a workbook and opened it for him to see.  “Is this your workbook?”

Daniel swallowed.  He couldn’t see the name on the book, but it was his handwriting.  “I don’t know, Ma.”

“You can’t tell your own handwriting?”

“It looks like mine, Ma.”

“You got a good score for this assignment.  What was it?”

“I don’t remember, Ma.”

“Daniel, are you lying to me?  You know you can get suspended for lying in my office?”

Daniel swallowed again.  “I got ‘A’ Ma.  I think 92 percent.”

The Principal removed her hand to reveal that the score was indeed 92%.  “So, is this your workbook?”

Daniel breathed a sigh.  “I don’t know, Ma.  Please, what is the problem?”

She then brought out two other workbooks with identical hand-writing and results.  “Which one of these is yours?”

Daniel was quiet.  He didn’t know what to say.  He couldn’t identify which was his, though he had tried to write differently in each of them.  He even tried to respond to the questions in different ways, so that it wasn’t obvious that the same person had done the work in the three books.

Miss Patience spoke up.  “I know you were pressured to cheat by Dotun and Bode.  No one is blaming you here.  We just need you to say the truth.”

“What are you going to do to them?” Daniel asked.

Mrs Oshimolowo smiled.  “You should be more concerned about what we are going to do to you.  Cheating is an offense punishable by expulsion.”

Daniel started to breath heavily, as if he was going to cry.  “Please, I won’t do it again.”

“Is that a confession to cheating?” Mrs Oshimolowo asked.

Daniel nodded.

“Answer me.”

“Yes, Ma.”  He wiped his runny nose with the back of his hand and sniffled.  “Sorry, Ma.”

“Why did you do it?” Miss Patience asked.  “Tell, the truth, Daniel.”

Ten minutes later, Daniel walked out of the Principal’s office in tears.  He had been pardoned, based on his report that he was being bullied and pressured to cheat, and had not taken any reward for doing so.  However, he was warned never to repeat the offence again, but rather to report cases of bullying to any of the Teachers or the Principal.  A call was put through to his named Guardians, but they were unable to reach them.  Daniel explained that they were out of the country, so the Principal said they would need to schedule a meeting with them when they returned to discuss what is happening with him.

Daniel was not relieved by this.  He still had to face the bullies, who would now know that he had told on them.  And even the fact that they had gotten caught, because he hadn’t done a better job of disguising his handwriting, made him fearful for tonight.

Daniel felt stuck.  He didn’t know who to turn to for help.  So far, the advice he had gotten about standing up for himself hadn’t worked.  Neither had submitting to the bullies worked out in his favour.  He was so close to being expelled, and those responsible were still free to carry on their mischief.

Daniel knew he should pray, but prayer hadn’t worked out well in his favour so far.  Where was God when you needed Him??!


Jamie could not believe how his life had changed since Adania went into a coma.  Not only was he now a father, he was a single father, until she returned…and to a tiny little baby boy!  He didn’t know a thing about looking after babies, and though he was scared that he would do something foolish or dangerous to the boy, he was determined to face the challenge of parenting…if for nothing else than to prove to his mother-in-law that he wasn’t the “good-for-nothing son of a bitch” she thought he was.

It did help that his mother was staying with him.  But she was only there in a supervisory role, to supervise the nanny when Jamie was at work, and to train Jamie, when he was home.  Jamie’s respect for women grew as he realised the many things involved with looking after a baby.  He had learnt to change diapers, make and warm baby food to the right temperature, clean, sterilise and keep a sanitary environment, and most of all, think of someone else before himself.  He lost a lot of sleep, his fitness routine suffered, and he dealt with a lot of anxiety, but here he was, on a Friday night, carrying his little boy and smiling over him.

Mrs Solomon beheld her son with wonder.  She would never have wished it, but she could see that God had used the accident to get a hold of her son’s heart.  It was obvious how much Jamie loved little Tommy.  But what would happen if and when Adania wakes up, she wondered.  She hoped Adania would not seek to separate father and son.


Femi still couldn’t believe what had happened the other night at Tolu’s place.  He had felt so invisible, even though her fiancé had acknowledged him with a nod.  The man was just so calm and unmoved by his presence, that it made him feel foolish to have thought that he was even a threat to her relationship.  Now he knew he was not.  Tolu had moved on.  And in a weird way, he was relieved.

He’d fought for her because he felt he had to prove that he was capable of not only love, but fighting for love too.  He didn’t want to regret never trying.  He had spent his years of marriage pining for her and wishing he hadn’t married Victoria.  He had made himself miserable, living in regret all these years.  And now…he felt nothing.

What was wrong with him?  Did he even love her?  He was sure he had loved her once, but even he had to admit that she wasn’t the same woman he knew ten years ago.  He didn’t feel the passion like before.  And he wondered if he was even capable of feeling that passion again.  Or would love evade him forever?

Femi was feeling restless and bored at home, alone on this Friday night, when he decided he would go for a drive.  He drove around Lekki and stopped by an all-night Convenience Store to buy a few things.  He was in need of shavers and toothpaste, as well as milk, eggs and bread.

After his purchase, he returned to his car, and was just about to get inside, when he thought he recognised a woman in the passenger seat of a white grand Cherokee jeep.  He paused, already suspecting who it was, and feeling his stomach tighten.  He watched as they drove in and parked in the parking lot next door.  He went to take a closer look.  He saw Dwaine Reynolds exit the driver’s side of his car, and waited for his lady friend to come out too, so he could be sure she was the one.

Femi watched as Victoria exited the jeep, and took hold of her boyfriend’s hand, as they walked into the Sailor’s Lounge together.  Victoria looked beautiful in a figure hugging, full length mustard dress, with a revealing slit between her legs.  His breath caught in his throat when the couple stopped to greet someone, and she looked in his direction. 

Femi dodged her stare by hiding behind a Range Rover jeep that was also parked nearby.  He remained hidden until he was sure they were gone.  However, he had glimpsed her face briefly, and saw that she looked really happy.

Femi got into his car and drove off, feeling like he had just been kicked in the stomach.  Victoria had never looked that happy with him.  He should be happy for her.  But her happiness with another man just reminded him of Tolu’s happiness with another man.  They were both better off without him.  Maybe everyone was better off without him…

As he drove, Femi called his brother, Gbenga.  He didn’t want to be alone tonight.  He was tired of moping around.  He needed to have fun.  He needed to get drunk.  He needed to get laid.

To be continued…

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