A Small World: Season Two – Three Weddings And A Funeral (Episode 12)

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Please note that this series contains some sexually explicit content, violence and offensive language.  It is not appropriate for children nor an immature and sensitive audience.


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What did I ever do to deserve a woman like Mary…?  I have been so blessed in my life, but she has been the greatest of God’s blessings to me.  She’s beautiful, smart, lovable, kind and so passionate about God.  She’s been a gracious wife, a diligent mother, a faithful companion and my best friend!

I have made so many mistakes, that without the grace of God, I know I would be a pitiful wreck right now.  I have come to realise that no amount of money can add worth to a soul.  No amount of pleasure can give you joy!  God used Mary to teach me what was most important in life, and help me see that to have anything worth having, I must first and continually surrender all to Him.

The only way I can love Mary is by surrendering her to the One who gave her to me, every day.  Holding tight and letting go all at once, so that my love is purified and glorifies God.  Whenever I’ve tried to do more than this, I have perverted His love with selfishness.  And so, I’ve realised that I can only love her, through Christ, and not by myself.  I don’t deserve my wife, but by His grace, I get to love her, and that’s my daily joy…

Ifeanyi was in bed, watching his wife sleeping peacefully beside him.  It was the morning of their anniversary, a day that held new significance for them, since their first major battle last year, as a couple.  It had been a great year, and he had grown a lot since then.  Receiving her forgiveness at his infidelity, and accepting God’s forgiveness had helped him to better appreciate the grace of God in the Christian walk.

His whole perspective on what it means to love had changed.  And even though he was still very romantic and down to Earth, he didn’t take his responsibility as the Guardian or Spiritual Leader of their home lightly again.  In order to fulfil his role in the marriage, he needed to be connected to the Vine, and so Ifeanyi became a Minister in his home.  He learnt how to abide in God’s presence continually, and to seek out times intentionally to fellowship with God, like Jesus did.  As a result of this, Mary grew to love and trust him more, and felt secure in her marriage again.

Since their honeymoon, four years ago, he actually hadn’t taken her on another trip out of the country, which had been his intention, as he wanted to travel the world with his wife.  She’d been to the States twice to deliver their children, and he’d visited her while she was there, but that was different from tourism.  This year, he would take her on that getaway, for at least a couple of weeks.  She deserved it.  And he had already made all the arrangements.

His mother had agreed to have the kids and their nanny over, while they enjoyed a second honeymoon.  They would be back in April, in time to celebrate the twins’ third birthday, which Mary had already started planning with Chidinma’s help.  However, he hadn’t told Mary yet.  How do you surprise your wife with a trip out of town?


Mary began to stir from her slumber.  There was a soulful tune playing in the background.  It was a song she loved so much.  It was the song by Kenny Lattimore, “For You”.

When she woke up fully and realised she wasn’t dreaming, a smile broke on her face, at the pleasure of the song and lyrics.  She turned to see her beloved husband looking down at her with so much love in his eyes.  The next thing she noticed was how fragrant the room was, as she perceived the scent of fresh cut flowers.  That was when she noticed that almost every inch of their bedroom was covered with flowers.

Her smile broke wider and she gave a low chuckle at the sight that greeted her when her eyes spanned the room.  Her husband had topped himself.  She gave a good stretch of her muscles, before grabbing him from where he sat next to her, so that he now lay on top of her.  She beamed into his eyes as she said, “Happy Anniversary, Baby!”

“Happy Anniversary, Mary,” Ifeanyi croaked through the lump in his throat.  How can you love someone with all your being and still be…?  He was so lost in love with this woman.  His eyes watered.

“This is beautiful, Ifeanyi!  Thank you.”

“No…  Thank you.  Thank you for loving me, Mary.  Thank you for fighting for our love.  Thank you for giving me three beautiful children.  Thank you…forever.”

At this, their lips met in a passionate kiss that threatened to consume them.  Mary’s heart had never felt this full with love.  She gave him everything again…as they made soulful love on their marital bed.  With all their heart, strength, mind and body.


“Aaawwww…  You look amazing!  This is the one!  This is it!” Ijeoma said, admiring the lovely, long, white chiffon dress on Damilola.  Even with her slight bump, it looked like the dress was made for her.

“Aaahh!” Dami took in a deep breath, admiring how the dress hugged her in the right places.  She patted it down.  It was a bit above budget, but she loved it.  All the other dresses had been too conspicuous where her pregnancy bump was concerned.  And some actually made her look fat.  But this one was well tailored.  “Ayo, what do you think?  Should I get it?”

“Ummm…  It’s expensive, Dami.  And you’re only going to wear it once…  And by then, you’ll probably be twice as big!”

Ijeoma gawked at Ayo, mouth wide open as if to say “Why would you say that???

“I mean, around the belly.  You really don’t want to be struggling to fit into your dress on your Wedding Day!” Ayo said.

Dami was not surprised that her sister would bring the negative perspective.  She stepped down from her stool, frowning at not being able to get the dress she loved best.

“You can always come in for a fitting, right up to the day before the wedding, and we can adjust it for you,” said the Saleswoman.

Dami beamed with relief.  “Really?  No extra charge?”

“Really.  And I must tell you, that dress is currently on sale, until next week.  It’s a high demand item, so if I were you, I’d get it.  You only get married once,” the Saleswoman added.

Ayo rolled her eyes.  What a classic sales tactic!  But trust Dami to fall for it.  The dress looked hideous with that bump.  She should just have gone for the bell gown that she had tried on earlier.  Now, that made her look like a princess.  But, Dami never cared to listen to her opinion.  She didn’t even know why she had asked her to tag along.

“Oh, great!  Get it Dami.  It really suits you,” Ijeoma had said, beaming at the bride-to-be.

Dami looked at her sister, who didn’t hide her displeasure.  Why couldn’t she just be happy for her?  For once?!  She wished Mary could have come along, but she had just left for holiday, to celebrate her wedding anniversary.  It had been a surprise, so Dami hadn’t known to schedule her fittings earlier.  She thought for a while, still indecisive, then she went with her gut.  “I’ll get it!”

“Awesome!” the Saleswoman said, before going to her counter to prepare the invoice.  They’d been trying to get rid of that dress for months!


The flight back home to Nigeria was a stark difference to the same journey Jason and Fiona had made just eight months ago.  Then, he couldn’t stand to be seated next to her, as she’d gone on and on about her Lord and personal Saviour, Jesus Christ.  But this time, they sat close, holding hands and smiling excitedly, as they couldn’t wait to introduce each other to their families.  Her passion for Christ, which he had hated so much at first, was what he now loved most about her.

Jimmy had picked them up at the Airport and received Fiona in a big bear hug.  Fiona had marvelled at the size of Jimmy, who had towered over her like a giant.  But it was only because she was petite.  She sat in front, on the Passenger seat, while the two brothers reconnected at the back.  They were going first to Jimmy’s house for dinner, and then Jason had said he would drop her off at her parent’s place at Dolphin Estate, Ikoyi.  Tomorrow, they would be having Sunday brunch with Fiona’s family.

Fiona looked out of the window, as the men caught up on each other’s lives.  She was nervous about tomorrow’s meeting, and prayed that it would go well.  Her parents could be difficult.  She also worried a little about meeting Jason’s parents.  But he had assured her that they were very laid-back and would love her.

“So, what’s the update on Adania?” Jason asked.

“No improvement, bro.  We’re still praying.”

“Mehn!  It’s been over a month now…  How’s Jamie handling it?”

“He’s hanging in there.  He’s actually looking after Tommy…  I think that’s helping him.”

“That’s good.  What about Amaka?  Do you still see her?”

Jimmy shook his head.  “No.  We haven’t kept in touch.”  He sighed.

Jason sighed too.  “You know, next month would have been their first anniversary…  Wow.  It’s funny how things change, isn’t it?”

Jimmy just nodded.  There were some things that didn’t change, though…  Or changed way too slowly.

He had been praying since he had come to the knowledge of the truth for his wife to receive her own revelation of it.  But nothing had changed with that.  In fact, she didn’t entertain his talk of it anymore.  Fatima would always say, “if you can preach to me about Jesus, I can preach to you about Prophet Muhammad…”

But Jimmy didn’t want to give up.  He would never have guessed the changes he was seeing in his brother, Jamie.  Even Jason was unrecognisable, with the passion he now had for the Gospel.  Jimmy knew that God always had His ways of bringing men to their knees…and he believed Fatima’s time would also come.


Oyinda and Kemi were on their third date.  After their little rendezvous on Valentine’s Day, he’d tried to cool it and keep his distance.  To his surprise, she didn’t contact him nor show that she missed his attention in anyway, as the other women and girls he played around with usually did.  This was unnerving for him, and he’d found himself contacting her for another date.

To his surprise, she had turned him down.  She said she was seeing someone, and they were serious.  She’d hung up on him and he was gutted.  Was this her way of playing hard to get, he’d wondered?

He’d decided to let bygones be bygones, until he had seen her with her new guy in Abuja.  He was a young, pretty boy, and so not her type, Oyinda thought.  He’d smirked, when she’d introduced the little boy, telling her with his eyes that she could do better.

It was on his last night at the hotel that he had found an opening to engage her in a conversation.  He’d gone to the nightclub, looking for a plaything for the night, when he’d spotted her alone at the bar.  He’d casually gone to occupy the seat next to hers.

“So, did you finally dump the kid?”

Kemi just eyed him, and continued to sip her drink.

“Where is he?” Oyinda looked around at the club.  It was a slow night and not too busy.  The boy was nowhere in sight.  “Or did he dump you?” he chuckled.

Kemi turned to him, now irritated.  “Seriously, what’s your problem?”

“I want you.”  He disarmed her with his honesty.  “That has been my problem since the moment I set eyes on you.  Question is…do you want me?”

Just then, the kid showed up.  He noticed how uncomfortable Kemi looked, and the arrogant man they’d met earlier in the week.  “Is this guy disturbing you?”

Oyinda just looked at Kemi and raised his eyebrow.  Moment of truth.  She swallowed.  “No, we’re talking.”

“I’ve got a table for us over by the window…” the pretty boy said, starting to feel uncomfortable about the way Kemi was looking at Oyinda.

“I’m sorry, Shane.  We’re in the middle of a discussion,” Kemi said, her eyes not leaving Oyinda’s, who was now smiling like the cat that got the cream.

Shane got the message that he had been dissed and stormed out of the club.  Oyinda had laughed, and Kemi giggled.  Then the moment passed.  The next moment, she was in his arms, kissing him passionately and forgetting everything else.

Now, they were in a private area of Oyinda’s favourite haunt in Lagos, where he loved to take his conquests.  Here, they knew who he was, but no one said anything, because people who live in glass houses never throw stones.  It was only the clueless babes, who had no idea that the place they were dining at was nothing special, and neither was the man they were dating.

To be continued…

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  1. So A Small World….Season 2: there is so much to follow in this one.
    Not even sure I get everyone’s stories. There is a lot to learn from Tolu and Femi’s relationship, I feel like God spoke to me on that one specifically. I had been holding on to some hurt and I feel like he is using you Ufuo, to get to me…thanks for being an instrument for change – good change.

    I really hope Ibadan Kemi does not get into trouble with Nomso (Ifeanyi’s brother, I think). I feel like they have suffered too much in that family and they need to be cut some slack.

    I am sorry Oyinda’s wife lost her baby…when I first read that part, a little part of me was somewhat glad because I didn’t want her to bring a child into the mess that Oyinda is making of their lives. That Oyinda sha….it is God that will arrest him.

    I hope Ope does not go ballistic and lose his christianity over that confused Richard. It’s sad that all that happened to Promise but he needs to remember that she chose that life and that treatment and hard as it is, he cannot blame people who took advantage of her. I am glad that Promise is standing up to the bully Richard and I hope that together with her husband, they can find a way to just push him out of their lives and continue to cherish what they have. Although I feel like Richard is the thread that will unravel Ope’s carefully built control. Yes, I know Ope is a man of Christ but once in a while everyone comes across that person that tests the limits and pushes the boundaries.

    Can’t wait for the rest of the story to unfold with Lily and Bolu. Apparently, Bolu is back to his old ways of ignoring his wife. That is definitely not going to end well. There are many Dannys around o!

    Finally, what’s up with Chidinma and Emmanuel and Mary and Ifeanyi??? They are too happy abeg. I like their love but that is not life o! OR am I mistaken?
    Who did I leave out?

    Waiting eagerly for the updates.


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    1. LOL!!! What a long commentary. I want to take objection to what you said about Ope not blaming people for taking advantage of his wife… Even if she is naked on the street, they have no right!

      Secondly, ummm, I am glad that Ope’s controlled personality is showing. It was soooo hard for me to write how Ope would deal with the situation, because he is a man not given to emotion and also surrendered to God. I’m glad you can see that too.

      Regarding Chidinma and Emmanuel and Ifeanyi and Mary…the world needs them, so that we can remember that marriage is BEAUTIFUL, and strive towards it. Not every marriage is a battlefield. However, all our challenges are different. And I think Mary and Ifeanyi have had their fair share, don’t you?

      Thanks for the commentary xoxo

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