A Small World

A Small World – Season Three (A Few Good Men) #29


Please note that this series contains some sexually explicit content, violence and offensive language.  It is not appropriate for children nor an immature and sensitive audience.


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When they were done with their brunch, Danny asked who was interested in a game of tennis.  He’d been keen to play since he got to the resort, but they’d had other priorities then.  Now, they’d gotten the benefit for which they came, they could really relax and enjoy a few games.

Bolu and Oyinda were eager, but the ladies weren’t.  So, the friends split; guys and girls, and the ladies stayed back to chat.  Tolu was particularly happy about the arrangement because she had been longing to have a girls’ chat with her friends.

“You know, I never knew Oyinda was an unbeliever…  Thank God he answered the call.  You must be so relieved,” Tolu said.

“Well, he wasn’t exactly an unbeliever.  He said he believed in God.  Even practiced Christianity to an extent…  But he wasn’t born again,” Temi replied.

“Oh, really.  And you didn’t know before you got married?” Tolu prodded.

“I knew, nau…  I guess I wasn’t all that serious myself,” Temi admitted, feeling a little uncomfortable.

“Hmmm…” Tolu muttered.  “Well, praise God for his conversion!”

“So, how are you and Danny?” Temi decided to ask.

Tolu beamed.  “We’re great!  He’s amazing!”

“He’s really transformed since last year…” Temi mused.

“Yeah…  He told me about his past…  And about you, Lola,” Tolu said, looking at Lola.


“Yes, nau…  You guys are pretty cool, considering,” Tolu said.

Lola laughed.  “Yeah… It feels like a lifetime ago now.  Are you looking for gist?”

“No, oh…  Don’t mind me.”  Tolu sipped her water.  She wasn’t really sure what to say anymore.

“Danny is a really cool guy, but Bolu is simply the best,” Lola beamed.  “I love your brother so much…and he is so God-fearing and adorable.”  Lola was getting emotional.

“Eh...yah…” Tolu smiled.  “I know he’s crazy about you, sha.  You guys have a really good marriage.”

Lola smiled.  “You think?  Thanks…  There is one small thing, sha.”

“What?” Temi and Tolu asked together.

“Well, he confessed to me that he’s been having feelings for another woman…though he hasn’t acted on it.”

“No way!  Really?!” Temi asked.

Lola nodded.  “She’s no one he really knows.  Only met her like three or so times.  She came to his office on Wednesday to ask him to help with a case, and he decided to take a sabbatical, so he wouldn’t have to see her.  He told me yesterday morning.”

“Wow!  So, what…?  Is he going to quit his job because of a woman?!” Tolu frowned.

“No, he didn’t quit.  He’s just working from home for now.  He said he’d been meaning to take a study break for a while, so he’s actually taking the time to develop himself too.  We can’t handle both of us running our own businesses, so he’s going to have to go back to the firm after his sabbatical.”

Temi nodded.  “Hmmm…  So, what are you going to do?”

“What can I do?  So far, he says it’s just an attraction.  She hasn’t really tried anything.  And even if she did, I can’t exactly prevent Bolu from doing whatever he wants.  He’s a man.”

“He’s a good man.  One of the few good men in this world.  You have to be ready to fight for him.  You can start with prayer,” Temi said.

“Yes, I agree.  Do you know anything about the woman?” Tolu asked.

Lola shook her head.  “Do you think I should find out?”

Tolu and Temi looked at each other before answering, “Nah…”

“Fight this battle on your knees first.  Don’t go looking for her, or you will stir up trouble.  You don’t want Bolu to think you don’t trust him,” Temi said.

“And fight on your back too,” Tolu winked.

Lola and Temi looked at each other, before bursting into laughter.

“Yes, nau…  You cannot give her chance, oh!!!” Tolu joined in the laughter.


Danny won the rally against Bolu, and Oyinda beat Danny in their game.  Bolu played against Oyinda and won, but lost again in the re-match with Danny.  When they were done playing, they pulled up some seats to chat, as they drank water and cold drinks.

“So, how did it go last night?” Danny asked Bolu, with a side glance.

“It was great!  Thanks for the tips!”

“Don’t sweat it…”

“What?  What happened last night?” Oyinda asked.

“I just asked Danny for some bedroom ideas…”

“Oh, cool…”

Bolu turned to Oyinda. “Welcome to the Family again…”

Oyinda smiled.  “Hmmm…  Thanks.  Is there more to it than going to church?”

“Yes, of course.  As you know, going to church is no proof nor guaranty that you know God.  Christianity is about a relationship with God, through Jesus Christ,” Danny said.

“Hmmm…  I’m not sure I get that part.  Why through Jesus?”

“Because Jesus is the Person through whom God has chosen to reveal Himself,” Danny continued.

“I still don’t get it…  Isn’t that idolatry?”

“No...  How can I explain it?” Danny pondered.

“Well, you know God is a spirit, right?  The Holy Spirit?” Bolu chipped in.

“Yeah,” Oyinda said.

“So, He has no form.  However, on Earth, He took the form of a man and came down as Jesus.  That’s why Jesus is known as both Son of Man and Son of God.  Jesus said that if we have seen Him, we have seen God,” Bolu said.

“Okay, I get that.  So, how do we have a relationship with God through Jesus?”

“By getting to know Jesus, listening to Him, following Him, obeying Him.  Every Christian is a disciple of Jesus.  And as disciples, we must learn about who Jesus is and what He did, why and what He has asked us to do, and obey Him,” Bolu answered.

“So, I have to study my Bible, find out what Jesus wants me to do and do it?”

“You can see it like that…” Danny said.  “But, it’s not really that scripted.  It’s not about following written rules.  It’s more of a rebirth.  It happens as we begin to walk with God and listen to Him.  He renews our spirit and we are born anew.  People think it happens when you confess Jesus as your Lord and Saviour, but really, you have just asked to get to know Him and for Him to come into your life.  What you do after that; how you seek Him, hunger and thirst for Him, and respond to Him, will show whether or not you have real faith and have been renewed in your spirit.”

“Hmmm…  Sounds a bit technical, guys,” Oyinda said.

Bolu and Danny looked at each other, wondering how to proceed.

“Okay, the Bible has this account of the Apostles receiving the Holy Ghost – that is God, the Holy Spirit.  When Jesus was on Earth, they were merely His disciples, who followed Him.  But they weren’t Christian, because they hadn’t been born again at that point.  So, when Jesus was leaving, He said that they should wait for the promised Holy Spirit, before they embark on ministry, because the Holy Spirit would give them power and authority,” Bolu explained.  “While they were waiting, you can say that they were “Believers” who had invited God to come and enter their hearts, the way you just did.  But when the Holy Spirit came upon them, they became “Born Again Believers”.  All they did was show faith – trust and obedience – in Jesus, by waiting and abiding where He asked them to, and while they were expectant, God performed the work of rebirth in them.  If they had left the room and were not truly abiding in obedience, they would have missed this blessing and would not have been able to bear fruit.”

“Hmmm…  So, I’m not saved now?  Until I receive this rebirth?”

“Actually, you are…by the faith you have shown in Jesus.  Just to believe in Him and to expect Him to come and complete the work He has begun in you, you are saved.  If Jesus returned now, your expressed and true faith in Him to deliver you is all you need, because of the abundance of His grace.  But if you never actually seek Him beyond your confession, your faith will be shown as untrue and you will never really come to know Him, though you said that’s what you wanted,” Danny answered.

“Okay, like if I ask a girl on a date, she says ‘yes’, but then I never actually take her on a date…  We’re not dating…?”

“Gbam!  You get it!  It’s about a relationship.  What you’ve done today is tell Jesus you want a relationship with Him.  Now, you need to begin one,” Danny said, beaming.

“By reading my Bible?”

“Yes.  And praying to God.  You need to communicate with Him, if you really want a relationship with Him,” Danny replied.

“Okay.  What else?”

“As you study your Bible and pray to God, you will begin to know Him and hear Him, because He will also speak with you and teach you.  So, like any relationship you are interested in having, you will invest in it; discovering what the person likes, wants, listening, obeying, giving and so on.  The rest develops according to God’s will,” Danny said.  “All our relationships with God are unique.  So, only you can talk to God for you.  And as you know Him more, you will also know yourself more, and the gifts and calling He has for you.”

“Wow…  Thanks guys.  I’ll begin to pray…  It’s just like having a conversation, right?”

“Yes.  Just like we are having one now.  At first, you will probably do all the talking, until you have developed how to hear Him.  When you study your Bible, you will learn the many ways He speaks to us and will also be able to discern when and how He is speaking to you,” Bolu said.

“Okay…  And do I start reading the Bible from the beginning?”

“Yes, you can.  But it might be better to start with the books of the Gospels; Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.  Then the other books of the New Testament, starting with the Acts of the Apostles.  When you’ve read and understood the New Testament, you can then study the Old to understand the parallels and get a deeper insight into God’s ways and His history with Mankind,” Danny answered.

“Hmmm…  Cool.  I hope you don’t mind if I ask you about this later?  There’s quite a lot to absorb…”

“Feel free!  In fact, I hope you don’t mind if I follow up with you on how your walk with God is going…?” Danny asked.

“Yes, please.  Thanks, I’d really appreciate that.”

“No problem, couz.  I’m just so glad you decided to accept Jesus.  Life with Him is so amazing!” Danny smiled.

“Yeah, you can always holla at me too,” Bolu said.

Oyinda smiled at him.  “Thanks, Bolu.”


While they were still chatting, the men noticed that the ladies had come out in their swimwear and were now lounging by or splashing in the pool.  They decided to join them and have some fun with their wives.

“Hey, ladies!” Danny greeted at the pool.

“Hey, Danny,” they all beamed.

Danny pulled off his t-shirt and all the ladies swooned.  His hard muscles shone, even without being wet, and his well-toned body looked like it belonged to a god.  Lola forced herself to look away.  Her own husband wasn’t so toned, but he was definitely sexy, with his big build, broad shoulders, and hairy chest.

Danny dived into the pool, where he met his wife, who was already doing laps.  She stopped to hug and kiss him.  Temi was lounging on the sun lounger, looking hot.  Oyinda went to lounge next to her.

Bolu wasn’t much of a swimmer, so he sat at the edge of the pool, so that Lola swam to meet him for a kiss and cuddle.  With some prodding, he entered the water, and the lovers splashed each other.  Danny and Tolu decided to play too and, soon, they had a little game going in the water.

“What are you guys doing there, just lounging?” Tolu shouted to Temi and Oyinda.

“I’m not getting this weave wet,” was Temi’s weak excuse.

“And I’ve got to man my Mrs,” was Oyinda’s.

“You guys are not serious!” Bolu laughed.

Oyinda admired Temi in her one piece.  She’d really gotten her figure back since the twins.  And the extra meat she still had on enhanced her already voluptuous frame.

“You look great, babe,” he said.

She beamed, “Thanks.  You do too.”


“Please can you get the ball?” Lola cried to Temi.  The beach ball they had been tossing in the water had gotten stuck between two sun loungers.

“Can’t you see people resting?” Oyinda teased.


Oyinda got up, pulled the ball out and kicked it back to the swimmers.  He went to his wife, and stroked her fair thighs.  “Want to go for a walk?”

Temi smiled.  “Sure.”


“Thank you for forgiving me, Temi,” Oyinda said, as they strolled hand in hand towards the gym.

“It’s okay, Oyinda,” Temi said.  “Thanks for forgiving me too…”

Oyinda was glad that Temi could acknowledge that she’d hurt him too.  “Anything for you, babe…”

Temi sighed.  “I still think we need to do marriage counselling.”

“Yes, definitely.”

“Good.  Glad we agree.”  Temi swallowed.  “I also think we should fast from sex for a while…”

Oyinda stopped, shocked.  “But…”

“I know…  Last night was wonderful.  And I think it helped in a way.  But I think if we have sex all the time, we will soon forget that we have real issues to work on in our marriage.  I want more than your sex and faithfulness, Oyinda,” Temi said.  “I want a relationship with you.  I want intimacy.  I want love.”

“I understand, Temi.  How long are we talking?”

“I think I’d like to discuss that with the counsellor.  Maybe for a few weeks, but definitely not until we’ve seen a counsellor and begin working on our relationship again.”

“Wow…  That will be tough, Temi,” Oyinda said, honestly.  “But for you…anything.  I meant what I said.  I’ll do anything to make things right with us again.”

“Thanks, Oyinda.  That’s good to know,” Temi said, smiling.

Oyinda brought her into his arms and hugged her tight.  He closed his eyes and expressed his heartfelt thanks to God for his second chance.

To be continued...

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