A Small World

A Small World – Season Three (A Few Good Men) #17


Please note that this series contains some sexually explicit content, violence and offensive language.  It is not appropriate for children nor an immature and sensitive audience.


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Oyinda came with a couple of waiters, who brought wines and other alcoholic drinks and a menu for the friends to place meal orders, to the poolside.  By then, Danny and Tolu had already joined Bolu and Lola, and two other couples had decided to join them.  Oyinda greeted the new couples again, before pouring himself a glass of wine.

“Oh, this place is something…  I keep forgetting that I’m in Nigeria,” he said, smiling at Bolu.

He noticed how Bolu’s smile didn’t reach his eyes.  That was strange.  Bolu was always so genuine.  He looked at Lola, and he was sure now that she was avoiding his gaze.  Did they know something he didn’t?

“You guys okay?” he rather asked.

Bolu looked at Danny, before giving Oyinda another glance and looking away.

“Where’s Temi?” Danny asked, instead.

“She’s in the cabin.  What?”

“Well, this is a couples retreat.  We’re all with our spouses.  Maybe you should go see what’s up with Temi?” Danny suggested.

“She’s just tired.  It’s no big deal.  She wouldn’t mind me chilling out with you guys…” Oyinda protested.  “Or, am I supposed to go to bed early just because my wife wants to sleep?”

“I think that’s the idea of a couples retreat, Oyinda,” Bolu added.  “It’s not about you only, but both of you.  Maybe you can at least just check on her…”

Oyinda looked at his friends.  They all seemed to not want him around.  He dropped his glass and left without another word.  I thought we were here to celebrate!


Temi was sitting in bed reading a book when he came in.  She looked up briefly and mumbled, “Hi.”

Oyinda didn’t smile but said, “Hi.”

He went into the bathroom and eased himself, before returning to their bedroom.  He opened his suitcase and brought out his laptop.  At least, he still had this.  But without his mobile phone, he didn’t have Internet access!  He normally tethered his phone’s data to use on his laptop and tab.  Crap!

He dropped the laptop back in his bag and sat on the bed.  How come she gets to read?  Isn’t that anti-social?!  “I thought we were here to spend time together?  Why are you in here with your head in a book?!” he asked, annoyed.

Temi wanted to reply him, but then thought better of it.  She flipped her page instead.  The sound was irritating to Oyinda’s ears.

He huffed.  “So, you just plan to ignore me?!”

“Look, Oyinda…  I’m tired.  If you want to play with your friends, don’t let me stop you.”

“Everyone’s with their spouses, and they are all worried about you.  You know, you don’t have to let everyone know we’re having problems!”

Temi couldn’t help but laugh.  “Seriously, Oyinda?!  That’s what’s bothering you?  What people think?  Not even that our marriage is falling apart?!”

“Of course, I care about that!  But while we are trying to work on it, you can at least try to be nice!  I didn’t force you to come!”

“Actually…you sort of did,” Temi said, and then returned her attention to her book.  She was stunned when Oyinda grabbed it and threw it across the room.

“Will you forget about that damn book while we are having a conversation?!” he shouted.  He breathed in deeply.  “Temi, I’m trying…  You’ve got to meet me half-way.”

“You’re trying?!  Oyinda, you’re trying?!  What the hell are you trying to do?!” Temi got out of bed, angry now.  “When was the last time you tried to be ‘nice’ to me, when you weren’t trying to get sex from me?!  In fact, before I told you I wanted a divorce, you hadn’t touched me in four months!  Four months!!!  We used to go at it almost every night…”

“I’ve just had other things on my mind, Temi.”

“Yes, I know.  And so have I.”

“Wait…” Oyinda stood up and looked at her suspiciously.  “What do you mean by that?”

“What do you think I mean?” Temi stared right back at him.

Oyinda tried to laugh it off, but Temi wasn’t smiling.  “When I said I had other things on my mind, I meant with work.  What did you mean?”

Temi shrugged.  “Work, life…  I sure wasn’t waiting around for you to give my life meaning…”

She went over to pick up her novel.  Oyinda grabbed her arm when she passed him.  “Temi, what are you saying?”

“Oyinda, let me go!” she said, sternly.  He didn’t.  She struggled to be free of his grip.  “Let me go!”

“I don’t want to ask you again, Temi.  Speak plainly.”

Temi had never been a good liar.  She could never compete with her husband in that regard.  Her expression crumbled, as if she realised that he knew what she didn’t want to say, but somehow wanted him to know.  He suddenly dropped her arm.  Temi stepped back from him.

“You cheated on me?” he asked, deathly quiet.

“Oyinda, the only reason you’d think I said I cheated on you is if that was what you meant too!  Stop trying to put words in my mouth,” Temi said, trying her best to salvage her dignity.

“You’re lying, Temi!  You’ve never been good at it.  You’ve got a twitch in your eye…  You’re lying.”

“Whatever,” she said, as she bent down to pick up her book.  But something strange happened, and she landed on her butt instead.  Had Oyinda just pushed her?  She turned to face him.  The sight before her scared her to the bone.

Oyinda had tears streaming down his face as he bent towards her.  “Tell me the truth, Temi,” he begged.  “Are you cheating on me?”

“Oyinda, you’re scaring me,” Temi pleaded.  Oyinda had never hit her before.  But she was suddenly afraid that he would.  She actually feared he would kill her if she confessed.

“Temi…  I just want to know.”

“No, Oyinda.  I am not and haven’t!” Temi denied.  “Please, let me get up.”

Oyinda stepped back from her and sat on the bed.  Temi helped herself up.  She picked up her book too and threw it on the bed.  Oyinda reached out to her and brought her into his embrace.  Afraid, she let him.

“You don’t know how much I love you, Temi.  If you only knew…  Please, let’s work this thing out.  No more lies or secrets,” Oyinda cried, and Temi nodded stiffly.

He rose up to hug her, and then he began to kiss her.  A wet, salty kiss, filled with passion and fear and anger.  Temi dared not resist him now.

He leaned against her, until she fell unto the bed, then he climbed unto it too.  Still kissing, nibbling, biting.  He wasn’t gentle, and Temi tasted blood.  She knew that he knew that she had lied.  His kiss betrayed his true emotion.  He just wanted to believe the lie.

He pulled off her dress and took of his trousers.  Temi’s brain was running scripts.  She couldn’t do this.  If she was going to sleep with him, they needed to use condoms.  She didn’t trust him.  She was afraid of getting pregnant for him again.  Afraid of getting a sexually transmitted disease.  No matter what he’d said the other night, she knew what she’d heard and seen in her marriage.  This man wasn’t faithful to her.

“Stop!” she said.

Oyinda didn’t want to.  He slipped her pants down, and she resisted him.

“Oyinda, I said stop!!!”

He rose up and looked at her.  He swallowed.  He didn’t really feel like sex either.  He was just hurt.  He let out a breath.

“Oyinda, we have really deep trust issues…  I can’t make love to you.  And I certainly can’t have sex with you without protection!  I don’t know who you are!  You lie to me, all the time.  I don’t know what to believe about you anymore.”

He was quiet.

“The lying stops now.  Okay?”  She swallowed before making her confession.  “I cheated!”

He looked at her.  His eyes dead cold.  He wished she would take those words back.

“Michael’s an ex-boyfriend.  And I want to be with him,” Temi swallowed.  “It happened after Danny’s wedding.  We reconnected there.  I’m sorry.”

Temi watched as the tears ran down Oyinda’s face unabated.  But she wasn’t afraid anymore.  She’d said the truth.  Now, she was free from the prison of lies and denial that Oyinda wanted them both to live in.


Lola was the first to get tired.  She was actually worried about her friend.  She kept glancing at Temi’s cabin and wasn’t really into the conversation they were having outside.

She whispered to her husband.  “I’m tired…”

“Okay, babe…  Soon, we’ll go in,” he appeased again.

“I’m falling asleep here,” she grumbled.  “Don’t worry.  Come, when you’re ready.”

Lola stood up and went to Tolu to say “Goodnight.”  Danny gave her a peck too.  Bolu felt guilty, so he started saying “Goodnight” too.

He pulled his wife to him as they strolled over to their cabin.  When they got in, Lola kicked off her shoes before going to the bathroom.  While she was taking her bath, Bolu came in to use the toilet.

“Oh, baby, no!” Lola grumbled.

“I’m sorry, dear…  Been holding it since!”

“You could have gone to the reception, nau…  Now, we’ll be smelling it all night…”

Bolu chuckled.  “Sorry.  Next time, I’ll go to the reception.”

When she got out, she changed into her nightie and slid into bed.  Bolu went in to have his shower.  He came back to find Lola sleeping, with his bedside lamp on.

He got into bed beside her and cuddled up behind her.  Lola’s eyes opened upon feeling him.  His hand began to roam her body, stimulating her.

“Hmmm…  Bolu…” she complained.

“Lola…  Please…”

He kissed her neck, her shoulder, and turned her on her back so he could have free access to her breasts.  Lola let him, stimulated and eager to make a connection with her husband that was rare these days.  There just seemed so many other things demanding of their time.  His lips found her breasts and took them in.

Lola arched towards him and drew him closer.  Bolu continued to tease her with his hand, trailing his fingers into her most private place.  Lola let out an excited breath, and pulled him up, so that he would kiss her on her mouth.  And as they kissed, Bolu slid into position and made love to his wife.  The cries from both partners communicated their deep satisfaction and happiness.


Danny and Tolu were the last to retire.  Even their new friends went to their cabins, while the newlyweds cuddled on the sunbed by the pool, staring up at the stars.  It had been a lovely evening, even though Temi and Oyinda hadn’t been part of their small get together.  Hopefully, they would be in a better place to celebrate tomorrow evening, Danny thought.

“Happy 40th, my love,” Tolu said into his chest.

Danny kissed the top of her head.  “Thanks babe.  This was a really good idea.”

“Yeah…  But it would have been nice to do something with the family.  We could have taken lots of photos.”

“Yeah, we still can.  I really just wanted to spend time with you and my best friends.”

“So, what do you want to do now?” Tolu asked.

“Oh, if not for the mosquitoes, I could sleep here.  It’s so cool and fresh.”

“I know, right?”

“Let’s go into our cabin, and burn off the last of our energy,” Danny suggested, with a grin.

“Hmmm…  That might take a while,” Tolu teased.

“I don’t mind if it takes all night…”

Tolu laughed.  She sat up, and Danny sat up too.  He brought her lips to his.  Her eyelids fluttered down as she was immediately sent to heaven.  Every time.  She still couldn’t get over his sensational kisses.

“Oh, Danny,” she moaned.

Danny opened his eyes and looked at his wife.  She opened her eyes.  “Tolu, I love kissing you…”

She beamed.  They kissed again, and his hands got adventurous on her body.  “Danny, oh, God…”

“Let’s go inside…”

They quickly gathered their things and walked briskly to their cabin.  After opening the door and shutting it, their lips met again in a hot kiss, as they frantically undressed.  Tolu took off her top, and Danny got even more excited.  Every time.  Her body never ceased to amaze him.  So, perfect, sexy, supple and fair.

“God, you’re beautiful,” he breathed.

Tolu pushed her husband unto the bed and straddled him.  She loved how he looked at her as though she was a goddess.  “Baby…” he moaned at her teasing.  She finally let go of her control and fell into him.  And he took over from where she left off.

They now laid in bed, naked and intertwined as they made passionate love.  It was all they could do to keep their cries of delight down.  “I love you,” was the chant that rent the air.

To be continued...

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