A Small World

A Small World – Season Three (A Few Good Men) #14


Please note that this series contains some sexually explicit content, violence and offensive language.  It is not appropriate for children nor an immature and sensitive audience.


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Is now a good time to call?

Kemi smiled when she saw that message from Josh.  She’d been home for about an hour and had just began thinking of him too, wondering when he would call like he said he would.  She sighed.  She shouldn’t be so excited about someone new so soon.

Hey”, she responded.

Hey you 🙂  Back from work?

Yeah…  Just settling in.  You?

Yeah…  Been home for a while.  I actually work for the church, and sometimes work from home.

Oh, okay.  Hmmm

Hmmm…  What?

You’re a bona fide church boy!

🙂  LOL!  Very funny…  I actually work with the media team, and it’s a lot of hard work, you know…?

Oh really?  I also work for a media company.

For real?!  Wow, we’ve got so much in common.


So, is it okay if I call you now?

I guess…  But we’re already chatting.

I find phone calls better…  More real life.  So?

Okay 🙂

Moments later, her phone rang.  Kemi let it ring a couple of times, while she strolled to her bedroom, before answering Josh’s call.

“Hello,” she answered.

“So much better already,” Josh grinned.

Kemi chuckled.  “Hmmm…  So, what now?”

“How did you find the service yesterday?”

“It was good.”

“Cool.  I thought so too.”

A moment of silence.

“Well, I guess…actually, I hope you know that I like you and would like to be more than friends.”

“Jeez, you don’t waste time!” Kemi chuckled.

Josh giggled.  “No, not really.  I actually agree with the minister about the need to be focused with all our relationships.  To be sure where we are headed and that we are on the same page.”

Kemi swallowed.  “Hm hmm.”

“Yeah…  I just want to be sure that you’re free in every way to begin a relationship…before I get my hopes up,” he laughed nervously.

“Well, actually…  Not really.”

“Hmmm…  Okay.”  Wow, that hurt more than he was prepared for.

“I’m just getting out of one, so, don’t really think it’d be fair to dive into another.”

“I get…  And I understand.  I guess, we can still talk…and see how you feel later?” Josh’s heart was in his throat.

“Yeah…  Why not?  I mean, we do have so much in common!” Kemi teased.

Josh laughed.  “You’re cute.”

Kemi laughed.  “So…  Mind if I ask why you’re still single?”

“How old do you think I am?”

“Hmmm…  30?  Plus?”

“I’m 29 actually.”

“Yeah…  But still…  I mean, you clearly want to settle down.”

“I haven’t met the right person.”

Kemi smiled.  “That’s a very good reason to be single.”

She laid on her bed, hoping her heart rate would reduce to a manageable normal.  She really wished she had been emotionally and mentally free to date Josh.  She just hoped the opportunity wouldn’t pass her by.

“Yeah…  You’ll be surprised how many people don’t think so.  There’s so much pressure to settle, to just marry and start having kids…  As if it’s a lottery that will soon expire.”

“I hear you on that.  I’m really trying to trust God now, though.  I’ve got a lot to do to get right with Him again.”

“Hmmm…  It’s good to be honest about where we are.  I appreciate your honesty, Kemi.”

Kemi smiled, even as a tear ran down her cheek.  “Thank you.”


Promise and Ope decided to go to the hospital on Friday morning, to perform the pregnancy test and other health check-ups.  Promise’s period still hadn’t come, but she’d been experiencing the usual cramping that accompanied the arrival of her periods, though it felt a little worse than normal.  She was also feeling some nausea, but hadn’t been throwing up.

She’d done her vitals and the pregnancy test, before going in to see her gynaecologist that morning.  The test had confirmed their suspicions.  Promise was pregnant and probably already six weeks so, based on her last period!  Now, she laid on her back, as the gynae performed another examination.  When she was done, she asked Promise to take a seat next to her husband.

“Hmmm…  Wow…  Like I suspected, you are carrying more than one baby in there, but we can’t be sure how many now.”

“What?!” Promise gasped.  She turned to Ope.  His eyes were watering, and he held her hand firmly, as he kept his focus on the doctor.

“Yes, Promise.  You’re going to be parents of two or more children within the next 8 months.  There’s a lot you need to know and do ahead of their arrival, so you are not overwhelmed, but we’ll talk you through every step of the way.”

“Oh my God!” Promise groaned.  “Wow…”

“Such pregnancies tend to be high-risk, so you really need to give priority to yourself and your health at this time.  Take it easy at work, rest often and for long periods, eat well and surround yourself with positive energy and supportive friends and family.”

Ope nodded, and wrapped his arm around Promise.  “She will be well looked-after, I assure you.”  He kissed her head.  God, You are amazing!

Even though he had believed in God’s call and promise, he’d still wondered if he was the reason Promise hadn’t conceived in six years of marriage.  When she’d taken in for Tony, that thought had bothered him too.  But this, this changed everything.

Promise and Ope left the gynae’s office in a daze.  Immediately they stepped out of the hospital, Ope wrapped his wife in a tearful embrace.  He was going to be a father, at last.  And not just to one.  Maybe twins… Maybe triplets…  Maybe quads…  God!  He was ready.  He was ready for all of them.

“Promise, I love you so much…” he cried.

She wrapped her arms around him too.  Oh, God!  I’ve been crying for this for the last four years…and I would have been happy with one.  But You have exceeded our expectations!  Lord, please make me worthy of this calling.

You are worthy.

Promise cried, as she heard that word in her spirit.  God thought she was worthy.  She knew He had done this miracle in her life, and she blessed Him.  She looked up to her husband, and he was so emotional.  He brought his lips down on hers and ravished her, pouring out all his emotion in that kiss.  Promise kissed him back fervently.

When he finally released her, Promise was breathless and speechless.  He walked her to their car and opened the passenger door for her, before going to the driver’s seat.  She knew his relief.  It was thick in the air.  Joy and relief and excitement.  They were finally going to be parents!


“Do you have that in chrome?”

Cindy was at Mega Plaza shopping for appliances for the small space she had been able to rent for her catering business.  She wanted to invest in a really good refrigerator, to ensure that her produce stayed fresh for longer.  After studying the different brands and their benefits, she’d been able to settle on one she liked.

“Yes, ma’am.  How many do you need?” the shop assistant asked.

“Just one would be fine, thanks.  It’s still on discount, right?”

“Yes, ma’am.  It’s a brand-wide discount, when you buy two or more appliances.”

“Cool,” she smiled.  She also needed an oven.  She moved through the aisles, in search of the ovens.  When she found them, she compared brands and functionality.  Hmmm…  The one she really liked was pricey, even with the discount.

The sales assistant returned and talked to her about their different benefits, which helped Cindy to come to a decision.  She settled on the same brand and was shown the way to the counter to pre-pay for her items.

“How soon can you deliver?” Cindy asked.

“Hmmm…  We usually ask for 24 hours for deliveries within Lagos.  However, the oven you ordered is out of stock until next week.  Can we deliver both together, or deliver the fridge first?”

“Ummm…  How soon can you deliver both?”

“Ummm…  Wednesday at the earliest.  Latest Friday.”

“Okay, deliver together.”

“Okay, ma’am.  Please write your address and phone number for us.  Thank you.”

Cindy did that and then collected her receipt after her order had been processed.  “Thanks!”

She had a few more things to get at the mall, but decided to stop for some lunch at one of the restaurants.  After placing her order, she went to the corner to sit quietly and eat.  She noticed a group of three women, and one of them seemed to recognise her.  Cindy gave a small smile when the lady focused her attention on her.

“Sorry to stare,” she suddenly said.  “It’s like I know you from somewhere…”

Cindy just smiled, not recognising the woman nor knowing how she might know of her.

“Are you the chef at The Promise?”

“Yes…but I left about three months ago.  I’m doing my own business now.”

“Oh, nice!  I used to go for your specials!  Hi, my name is Chioma,” the lady introduced herself, going over to shake hands with Cindy.

Cindy stood up and shook her hand.  “I’m Cindy.”

“Please, I don’t mean to disturb you…” Chioma said, taking the vacant seat in front of Cindy.  “It’s just that my best friend is having a baby, and we’re planning her baby shower.  Do you think you’ll be available to cater for it?”

Cindy beamed.  “Sure!  What date are you looking at?”

“It’s just a week away actually.  Upper Sunday.”

“Cool.  Call me,” Cindy pulled out a complimentary card, which she’d just printed.  “We can discuss the cost and other details.  But yeah, I’d love to cater for it.”

“Awesome!” Chioma beamed, taking it.  “Give me a few, so I can give to my friends!  You’re really talented.”


“It’s so beautiful here…” Kemi Odedina said, looking around the Chinese restaurant Nomnso had taken her out to, for their date that Friday night.

“Yes, it is.  I’ve wanted to come here for a while,” he smiled at her.  She looked picturesque in a crimson, off-the-shoulder, three-quarter length, fitted dress.  Her slim broad shoulders glimmered with the lotion she’d applied, and her scent was rich and alluring.  “You are exquisite, baby.”

Kemi blushed.  Nomnso was always full of compliments, but he was so sincere, she knew he was only speaking what he felt inside.  He also looked stunning in the black suit he’d chosen for the occasion.  “Thanks, stud!”

He giggled and watched as she looked through the menu.  He picked up his and scanned the list of rice dishes.  “So, I’ve been thinking a lot…  Since the service on Wednesday.”

She looked up, curious.  “Oh yeah…”

“Yeah…  We’ve been dating for about six months now…”

“Seven months actually…” Kemi grinned.

“Oh, okay…” he giggled.  “Wow…  I feel lucky, every day I think about us; how we met, how compatible we are…”

Kemi kept quiet and watched him.  Something told her he was about to propose.  She’d been expecting this, but after the single’s event, she wasn’t sure if they were ready to make that move.  She loved him, but truthfully, they didn’t really know each other.  They hadn’t gone much deeper than feelings, and she knew that alone was unreliable.

Nomnso reached out a hand to hold hers.  “I think I’m ready to take this to the next level…  You know I love you, Kemi, but I never want you to doubt my commitment to us…”  He fumbled in his pocket for something.

Kemi was feeling unsettled…  She wanted to be ready to say “Yes” the first and only time he asked for her hand in marriage.  She didn’t want any awkwardness between them.  “Nomnso, wait…”

He hesitated, but pulled out the box he’d brought along for the occasion.  He looked in her eyes, and she stared back anxiously.  “I’m not asking you to marry me.”

Kemi released a breath and smiled happily.  Nomnso’s expression grew serious, and she reached for him.  “I’m sorry if I seem too relieved.”

“It’s okay…” Nomnso said, with a small smile.  “I bought this for you.  It’s a promise ring…  To ask you to begin courtship, as we seriously consider our readiness and compatibility for marriage.”

Kemi beamed and stretched her right hand out to him.  “Awww…  It’s so sweet of you, Nomnso.  I love it.”

“I was hoping you would,” he said, more relaxed.  “It’s also my promise to honour your chastity and to also be celibate, until such a time we decide to marry, and no sooner than our wedding night…”

Kemi put her hands to her mouth to contain her excitement.  God, she loved this man.  She just wished there was a faster way to know everything you need to know about someone.  She leaned towards him and hugged him.  “I accept your promise, and I also give you my promise to be faithful and committed to our relationship.”

“Great!” Nomnso beamed.  He kissed her cheek and gave her a quick peck on her lips.  He’d had to reduce the intensity of their kisses, because he found that whenever he gave in to passion, it was always a struggle not to do more.

They both returned their attention to their menu, and Nomnso loved how Kemi kept looking at her ring and beaming.  Someone might have thought he’d proposed, with how happy she was.  But he hadn’t missed her anxiety over that question.  And he understood.  They had a lot to reveal to and discover about each other.  He also had a lot of growing up to do.

To be continued...

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