Month: May 2018

The House Girl – Part Eight

THE HOUSE GIRL Copyright © Ufuomaee PART EIGHT “Three nights ago, my niece showed up at my doorstep soaking wet and looking like she’d run into some thugs, who had beaten her mercilessly!  She fainted moments later.  How she got to my house, I don’t even know.  Why she […]

The House Girl – Part Seven

THE HOUSE GIRL Copyright © Ufuomaee PART SEVEN Osinachi returned home on Thursday morning, as she preferred to return when she knew Donald would be at work.  She wasn’t yet ready to see him, and they still hadn’t spoken since she’d left home on Monday.  She’d contacted the nanny […]

The House Girl – Part Six

THE HOUSE GIRL Copyright © Ufuomaee PART SIX Chinwe Ebuka was shocked when she opened her Abuja apartment door at 9:30pm that Monday night to find her niece standing there, unkempt.  She opened the door wider to let her in, her thoughts racing as she wondered what could have […]

The House Girl – Part Five

THE HOUSE GIRL Copyright © Ufuomaee PART FIVE August 2003.  Garki District, Abuja. Osinachi took Monday off to interview a few nannies.  Her friends had given her the names of some reputable agencies in Abuja, and she’d contacted them all on Saturday.  She was expecting six women to show […]

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